Caimans, Dolphins, and Snakes… Oh My!

Early in the morning we got to the airline office in town just in time to find out that we had missed the bus that takes you to the airport. Just as we were starting to freak out we heard an engine rev and a taxi man on a motorcycle appeared ensuring us that we

Buses, Bed Bugs, and Birthdays

We went up a gondola to the top of a big hill overlooking all of Salta, and got ice cream to celebrate Mindy's birthday. Back at the hostel we decided not to play a crazy game of human bingo and played an fun yet interminable game of cards instead, followed by some rounds of pool,

Buenos Aires Con Buenos Amigos

Hands down the best part of the bus trip was arriving at the bus station in Buenos Aires to see our old new friend Lucas waiting for us as we filed off the bus. We were just tickled pink that he came to meet us, and we were even more tickled that he had his

Finding Patagonia

The next morning was when we knew we made the right decision to leave Chile.  And Mindy made the right decision to sit down at a breakfast table with the bearded boy that she sort of thought might be German. Turned out he's from Maine, hiked the long trail the same summer as Mindy, and

Patagonia Fail

It was comforting to be back in Sam’s apartment which had started to feel like home. Now we really had to start dealing with Mindy’s stolen passport. On our way to the U.S. Embassy on the shiny side of town we decided to have an all-American day. We walked in at least one big circle

How To Get Robbed In Valparaiso

Immediately after crossing into Chile on the bus we started to descend, driving down for over an hour. Finally we made it to San Pedro de Atacama where we went through customs. Mindy’s charango was thoroughly inspected, but made it through. The first order of business in a new country is to get money. We

Altitude With Attitude

What a productive bus ride we had heading south, 12 hours and extremely comfortable. We wrote our blog post about La Paz, watched two episodes of Veronica Mars, fell asleep and woke up in Sucre! In the city we got ripped off by a cabbie, checked into a hostel, shared a sweet crepe and a

Four Cheeses Finally

In La Paz we checked into our familiar abode, Loki, with plans to go out for food until we got signed up for a beer pong tournament. “Las Primas” was our team name. We met some friendly bartenders who all supported us, and we made it to the 3rd round of 4, but lost in

Lake TitiCACA

Sorry to start this blog on a negative note, it doesn’t get much better but it gets funnier… if you like bathroom humor. The bus ride to Puno… sucked. It was super hot for the first few hours until we got to elevation, and then we were serenaded with the noise of a young boy

Streetlights But No Streets

A semi-comfortable overnight bus ride got us to Arequipa at about 7am. Our first stop in Arequipa was the famous Santa Catalina Monastery. Despite our aversion to museums we paid to get in, but it smelled funny and we quickly grew bored. To entertain ourselves we made up ridiculous stories about what each of the